o apply上海后花园品茶微信 5G. Its previous plan was to commercialize the technology in 2020. “The 5G licensing will help deepen structural reform in the telec om industry, improve the level of social and economic informatization and foster seve ral leading companies with global competitiveness,” said China Mobile Chairman Yang Jie. China Mobile claimed its 5G services will be available in more than 40 cities by the end of September. China Telecom also said in a statement that the 5G licensing will be a key step to build the country into a cyber power. It is also c onducive to gaining a competitive edge in the telecomRead More →

deputy director of the center. “But more and more countries have realized the importance of AI, and paid a lot of attention to this area.” The report said 12 countries announced their national strategies on AI in 2018, including the US, Germa ny and the United Kingdom, and another 11 countries are in the process of drawing up their national AI strategies. The report pointed out that the weakness of AI research in China lies in the insufficient c ollaboration between universities and industries, while Israel and the US are ahead in this respect. “AI research in China is largely limited within universities, resultin gRead More →

tion Forum, a major annual event in Shanghai for exchanges on science and technology innovation between China and the rest of the world. Nearly 150 gues t speakers from 23 countries and regions will make speeches at 16 different forums through Sunday at this year’s event. All China’s administrative villages are expected to enjoy delivery services by 2022, according to the country’s postal service regulator. Besides, there will be delivery service outlets in every township across China, one o f the goals outlined in a guideline to leverage postal services to vitalize the rural areas. About 74.9 percent of the country villages still don’t haveRead More →

Mourao expressed gratitude for China’s support for Brazil’s hosting of the meeting of BRICS leaders. Brazil would like to enhance coordination with China under multilateral frameworks including BR ICS, the WTO and the G20 to maintain multilateralism and the global trading system. Beijing on Friday slammed some politicians in Washington for fabricating rumors and stirring u p ideological opposition by linking Chinese technology company Huawei with the Chinese government. Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang made the remarks after Unit ed States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Thur sday that Huawei is deeply tied not only to the Chinese government but also to theRead More →

We should leave various civilizations in the world all in full blossom. There would be no clash of civilizations as long as people are able to appreciate the beauty of them all. Openness, inclusiveness, mutual learning among civilizations stressed Exchanges and mutual learning among civilizations should be conducted in a reciprocal and equal ma nner, and be diversified and multi-directional. They should not be compulsory or forced, or be a one-way flow. Civilizations should keep pace with times Innovation should be encouraged to give impetus and vitality to the progress of civilizations. Asia tourism promotion plan proposed China is willing to implement an Asia tourismRead More →

d compensation, as its latency period can be decades. By the time patients seek medical h elp they might find their employers long closed, or they may realize they haven’t signed a labor con tract and therefore can’t provide documents often needed for the diagnosis. Also, a large number of migrant workers have not joined occupational injury insurance progra ms, increasing their financial challenges in treating the lifelong disease, according to the commission. The commission is working with other ministries and departments to improve policies and provide better insurance to such patients, Li said. In 2018, the commission asked health authorities in all provinces toRead More →

ered on consensus, social harmony, stability and discipline, are more important and rel evant than ever in the face of challenges-such as protectionism and terrorism-confronting the world today. Joefe Santarita, dean of the Asian Center at the University of the Philippines, said Asian values promote consensual approach and communitari anism rather than individualism, and they prioritize social order and harmony as well as respect for elders, discipline and a pate rnalistic state along with the primary role of government in economic development. “Asian values are the salient ingredients on how to learn to work tog ether through trust and consequently promote globalization,” Santarita told ChinaRead More →

With participants from 86 countries and regions, this year’s event attracted nearly 5,800 industry insiders from 2,645 companie s and organizations, who signed 1,368 deals and cooperation agreements worth up to 14 billion yuan. A report released during the festival says Chinese cinemas screened 34 domestic animated features that grossed 1.62 billi on yuan in total in 2018, a rise of 13.3 percent on the output and a 24.5 percent increase in revenue, respectively, compared to 2017. For many international filmmakers, China‘s expanding cartoon and animation industry has gripped their attention. “I think Chinese animation production is already headed in a great direction,” says JoeRead More →

Socheat Chea, a Cambodian student with big dreams, wouldn’t attract much attention if he walked down a street in his country since he doesn’t talk a lot and is a bit shy around strangers. His classmate, Edgar Moreno Pena, who is from Venezuela, is more adept at socializing. He has a vocabulary of more than 200 Chinese words, tells shopkeepers on Beijing streets pia nyidian (give me a bigger discount) and uses Chinese-language food-delivery apps on his mobile phone. “I often do shopping at Taobao and JD,” he said, referring to China’s two most popular online shopping websites. Although the two foreign students have fewRead More →

are quite tight,” said Li Xiaojin, a professor of aviation economics at the Civil Aviation University of China in Tianjin. “Instead, by launching new flights at smaller cities, airlines may be able to realize net profits after two to three years of operati ons. In the beginning stage, there are usually some favorable policies in price and services. In the next few year s, the flight times available at those smaller airports may become precious, as well,” he said. Shanghai-based Chinese budget carrier Spring Airlines has establis hed three strategic bases since 2017. They are the airports in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, andRead More →