i上海乌托邦ng-up in its coastal and border areas so that it could take a leading role in cooperation with countries in Northeast Asia. He noted that the new round of efforts to revitalize the Northeast has seen po sitive progress, and now is a crucial period for promoting economic transformation in the region. It is also a period that will see key problems in the region, he said. It is also important for the region to maintain stable economic perfor mance, speed up the replacement of old growth engines with new ones and make pro active efforts to enable the inflow of industries transferred from otherRead More →

 attract the young consumer group. In late May, Qunar teamed up with 33 domestic and foreign carriers, including Air China, Chi na Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, United Airlines and All Nippon Airways, to l aunch discounted prices for students on more than 3,000 routes, along with the concept of student flight tickets. Students who have registered successfully with their identific tion documents on the platform will be able to book cheaper tickets. For instance, a one-way flight ticket from Guangzhou to Beijing can be as cheap as 460 yuan ($66.7), which is about half of the price tag – 8 62 yuanRead More →

 Vehicle Technology, the Long March 11 is the only solid-fuel carrier ocket in the Long March family, the pillar of the country’s space programs. he Chinese economy has stayed on a trajectory of stable growth, and the country’s economic fundamentals will rem ain positive in the long run, President Xi Jinping said in a written interview with Russian media. On the eve of his state visit to Russia, Xi told TASS Russian News Agency and the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper on Tues day that China has all the necessary conditions, capability and confidence to deal with any risks or challenges. Despite a slowdown in global growthRead More →

d to bear the brunt of the tariff hike, because the tariffs will raise t he prices of consumer goods. Besides, the higher tariffs will deal a blow to many US industries. China’s countermeasure will have intended effect The results of a quantitative simulation analysis show China’s counterm easure of imposing tariffs on $60 billion of US goo ds will have the intended effect, as the US’ losses are set to mount. According to the simulation analysis, China’s GDP, man ufacturing jobs, exports and imports could reduce by 0.622 percent, 1.046 percent, 3.402 percent and 1.945 percent, w hile that of the US could dipRead More →

ive, calling for animal-friendly tours and for tour operators worldwide to keep wild animals in the wild where they belong. It gained support from many travel agencies. By the end of last year, mo re than 200 companies have removed the wildlife-related entertainment services, such as elephant rides. Although some travelers are still not fully aware of the concept of animal-friendly tra vel, the research reveals that 90 percent of them think the concept should be widely promoted. Having visited the Antarctic more than 30 times, Zhao Xin, an experienced tour guide from Beiji ng Caissa International Travel Service, said education on wildlife protection beforeRead More →

aditional snacks, visitors can take in a parade involving 28 teams from Asian countries at the main venue, Xu said. The parade, with singing and dancing, is held twice a day. Members of the public who want to experience the food festival and parade at the main venue need to register online in advance at www.damai.cn. During Asian Civilization Week, the public can attend several cu ltural performances, films or exhibitions with Asian features at lower prices or free. For example, an Asian arts exhibition will be held at the Beijing 798 Art Zone n ext week, said Wang Xiuqin, an official from the ChinaRead More →

d with their body shape are those who might be susceptible to obesity or other risks, studies indicate the vast majority of wo men who engage in “fat talk” can be ranked “average” and “healthy” when it comes to their weight. Zhang Ran, 28, a senior consultant in the Beijing office of multinational professio nal services company Ernst & Young, said she was a “fat talker” when she was a college student. “I felt comfortable when I discovered I was not the only one who was un happy about my body shape. But then I began to understand that it has nothing to do withRead More →

 end of its targeted range, hoping that approach would spare it the trading plunge suffered by Lyft. Lyft ended down 6.9% on Friday, and is 28 percent below its IPO price. Still, the world’s largest ride-hailing company appeared to ge nerate more interest from mom-and-pop investors than Lyft. Retail investors at TD Am eritrade executed more trades in the first ten minutes of Uber’s debut than in Lyft’s first 2-1/2 hours. Uber had already lowered its valuation expectations twice in the last two months to address investor concerns over its mounting losses. While early-stage Uber investors such as Benchmark, Menlo Ventures, First Round Capital andRead More →

tal tourism consumption during the holidays in Fliggy, the online tourism platform of e-commerce giant Alibaba Gr oup. Purchase of tourism products on Fliggy by people born after 2000 rose 500 percent on an annualized basis, it said. Online hotel orders from younger parents, with children un der the age of three, soared by 77 percent from a year ago during the four-day vacation. “The younger generation, especially those born after 1990 and 1995, are m ore used to ‘fingertip’ consumption and are fast becoming disrupters in the e-com merce sector,” said Yang Qin, a business analyst from market consultancy CBNData. According to a reportRead More →

ch the US and China can work together.There are some types of cancer, including liver cancer and stomach canc er, that are more common in China but are rare in the US,” he said, adding that cooperation on research for those canc ers can help the US improve understanding of them and help China develop new drugs faster. Chen said the potential for China’s cancer drug market is huge and dynamic. The market is projected to reach $30 billi on by the year 2024, according to a recent report by US company Research and Markets. Lung, breast and stomach cancer dominate the anti-cancer d rug marketRead More →