said on hearing the British national anthem playing, she felt too weak to stand on the podium. “I felt very guilty for not winning the gold for my coach, my teammates and my country. We have been working so hard for this world championships. It is the biggest event before the Tokyo Olympic Games.” “Many fans came up to console me and some of them are British. I know most people know what is fair play,” Zheng said. Having trouble discerning one furry panda from another? A facial recognition app will make it easy for you. The app is developed by the China Conservation andRead More →

s in China are ready to commercialize 5G. China will directly grant 5G licenses, instead of the previ ous plan to give several key cities interim 5G licenses, to better time the rollout,” said a source clos ed to the telecom industry regulator who asked to remain anonymous because public statements are not authorized. Michael Gao Wenhao, deputy general manager of the 5G industrial products line at ZTE, disclosed at a 5G conference in Hong Kong on Thursday that “China is likely to start commercial use of 5G nationwide on Oct 1”. He told China Daily that he got the information from the country’s majorRead More →

 hard environment in Chinese cities has improved, though space remains for the developm ent of soft environments. These are key to a city’s business environment, the report said. Decades ago, university graduates’ artwork was exhibited only for viewing by students and teachers. Today, these exhibi tions have become a big celebration, not only for denizens of the university, but also the general public. Tsinghua University’s arts and design academy is currently showing paintings, sculptures, mixed-m edia works and designs created by postgraduates who will receive their master’s degree in June. The y are displayed at the academy’s buildings and Tsinghua University Art Museum, through MayRead More →

 because of multiple measures, including improved legislation, intensified law enforcement and more international coopera tion, according to the Report on the Latest Development in IPR Protection and Business Environment in China. Law enforcement authorities in China handled 215,000 cases involvin g counterfeit products last year, including 77,000 cases involving patent infr ingement, said Gan Lin, vice-minister of the State Administration for Market Regulation. Courts across China concluded nearly 320,000 IPR cases of various type s last year, an increase of 41.6 percent over the prev ious year. More than 5,600 criminal suspects involved in IPR infringement were arrested last year, Jin said. gzbbcn.comRead More →

d an unfinished self-knitted sweater to a wedding dress and a tie with a lipstick mark, has in creased by threefold to more than 200. All the objects are left behind from breakups and donated by the public. People seem to find closure for a broken relationship by donating souvenir s from former lover, Kang Shidong, owner of the museum, told Shanxi’s news portal sxrb .com. He said a young man brought a bracelet and spent a whole afternoon writing a note, elaborating his love story. Besides closure, what surprises Kang is that some visitors fell in love after coming across each other at theRead More →

ities for UK and China businesses transitioning from investment and infras tructure into an operating phase where British service providers can really benefit. As a matter of fact, many UK companies have already started to profit by playing an active part in projects in the countries involved the Belt and Road Initiative. UK engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald has been working with PetroChina in Iraq and the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for more than 10 years. The Chinese project has h elped Mott MacDonald make $6-10 million in fee revenue each year over the past decade, said Martin Tai, energy div ision generalRead More →

 those living in poverty who remain – 560,000 people – will be moved to new homes this year, according to Sun Zhig ang, secretary of the Guizhou Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China. Sun made the remark in Beij ing in March while attending the annual plenary session of the National People’s Congress, the country top legislature. Guizhou has aimed high in its poverty fight in a bid to help reach the natio n’s goal of lifting all people out of poverty by 2020. This year, a total of 1.1 million residen ts are expected to escape poverty, Guizhou Governor Shen Yiqin saidRead More →

at Renmin University of China, said: “Women are bombarded with images of female celebriti es on TV who are almost always well below average weight, which can rarely be achieved in real life. Once they accept this ‘thin idea’ of ideal beauty, they tend to become much more self-critical about their bodies.” For most Chinese women who spend five hours a day on average on their smartph ones, social media platforms have provided outlets for them to discuss body weight. With a huge number of images available of super-thin actresses and m odels, women have been focusing attention on a “problem” that is only inRead More →

 that foreign companies can compete against domestic companies in each country. In the past several months, China has announced and started to implement a “negative list” program that allows foreign companies to have 100 percent ownership in investments in all areas of the ec onomy, except for a small number of areas, such as telecoms and defense, that are explicitly prohibited. Also, foreign investment has been simplified by creating a one-stop regulatory shop and a single application process. These new policies will lead to greater competition within China, forcing Chi na’s companies to become more efficient and to produce higher quality products. The Chinese governmentRead More →

ons in February for the clinical application of new biomedical technolog ies, stipulating that clinical research that involves human trials, including gene editing, stem cells, organ tra nsplants between species and assisted reproductive technologies, must secure the approval of the commission in advance. Under the draft, which is yet to be adopted, violators may face punishments including fines, revocation of business permits or criminal charges. The commission this year will complete its revision of an existing r egulation on ethical inspection of human-related biomedical research that was adopted in 2016. Authorities are also considering establishing a national ethics committee that supervises life science technologies andRead More →