microcosm of the national aspirations of both of their countries to gain a place in the global space arena via the cooperation and assistance of China. Chea and Moreno Pena are part of a training program hosted by the China Academy of Space Technology. The idea is to train a small group of elite foreign students to become s pace industry engineers capable of developing and manufacturing satellites on their o wn, thus enabling their countries to build their respective space industries and explore space. Eight people are taking part in the program, which began in March 2018-two Ve nezuelans, two Pakistanis, one Cambodian, oneRead More →

ss by testifying in April that he did not know whether Mueller agreed with his initial characterization of the report – failing t o mention a March 27 letter from the special counsel complaining that Barr’s initial public summary did not “ful ly capture the context, nature and substance of this Office’s work.” Several Democrats have called on him to resign. Nadler had set a Wednesday deadline for Barr to hand over the unred acted report and its underlying evidence. Barr canceled his testimony after clashing wit h Nadler over the hearing’s format. Nadler said he will move forward with a contempt citation as soonRead More →

The upcoming May Day holiday is expected to see an averag e of 2.2 million inbound and outbound trips made by Chinese and foreign tourists per day, up 5.9 percent year on year, according to the National Immigration Administration (NIA) Friday. This year’s holiday, from May 1 to 4, is a day longer than previous years and suitable for outbound long-distance trips, said the NIA, adding that passenger volumes at major airports in places such as Beijing and Shanghai would increase notably. It anticipates that the average daily tourist flow at the Beijing Capital Interna tional Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport will reach 79,000Read More →

He mentioned China has come to the stage of harmonious development between man and nature. We feel China is now beginning to attach importance to the natural environment, so everyone can have a better living environment and the lives of the Chinese pe could not agree more with President Xi on the great importance of green development and preservation of nature. The state of the natural environment affects every living being, as well as the lives of future generations. For instance, if one doesn’t take care of one’s eyes, one’s eyesight might reduce. And if one disregards the quality of air one breathes, reduction mightRead More →

Beijing’s municipal government has built bridges between Chinese co mpanies and countries associated with the Belt and Roa d Initiative in recent years and plans to enlarge its communication in more fields in the future. Xiong Jiuling, head of Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Office, said the capital w ill make greater efforts in nongovernmental exchange programs this year by enh ancing cooperation in commerce, technology, culture, education and urban management with other nations. “We will employ better arrangements and methods to coordinat e different departments to realize our target without increasing government spending,” she said. www.shlf234.cnRead More →

CEO of Development Reimagined and former head of the Policy and Par tnerships, the United Nations Development Programme, and Andreas Pier otic, trade commissioner of Embassy of Chile in China. The four will also take questions after delivering their speeches. China Daily’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Zhou Shuchun will open the event with a welcome speech on April 27. Vision China events have been previously held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Joha nnesburg and London. The events have been broadcast live on internet and mul timedia platforms, reaching an international audience, particularly young people. This upcoming event will also be broadcast live on the China Daily website andRead More →

Chinese romance which opened across the country on April 19, has some scenes shot in Paris, including the Notre Dame Cathedral. The film, directed by Huo Jianqi, a renowned figure among China’s “Fifth Gene ration” directors, features supermodel-turned actress Du Juan and actor Chen Xiao. During a recently promotional screening, director Huo says the film examines the meaning of love and marriage. In the movie, there are several scenes featuring the lovebirds shown against the backg round of the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was damaged in a fire on April 15. The film, based on a short story penned by journalist An Dun, the featuresRead More →

 followed by Baidu and ByteDance, according to the employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn. The ranking list is based on feedback from LinkedIn’s more than 40 million users in China, taking fo ur aspects into consideration — interest in the company, engagement with employees, job demands and employee retention. Qualified companies must have had at least 500 employees as of Feb 1, 2018, and demonst rate flat or positive employee growth over the following 12 months, based on LinkedIn’s data. Among the top 25 companies to work for in 2019, 15 of them are technology companies, as the results showed. Here is the top 10 listRead More →

sciences, said the rift zones are widely scattered through the country. In addition to Beijing, many other cities sit on large rift belts. “Even the capital experienced some great quakes in history; only under ce rtain circumstances will a large earthquake happen,” he said, adding that when the intern al energy of rift zones is stuck and cannot be released, a large quake will occur when those energies reach a certain limit. The Shanghai Pudong International Talent Hub, which is aimed at showcasing the city’s commitment to embracing talents from all over the world, was officially unveiled on April 11. The new talent hub isRead More →

on Music, outside the Eastern Fourth Ring Road. Despite the location, far from downtown, Fusi on Music says it has a firm fan base with more than 80,000 vinyls in the two-story store. Zheng, also a Beijing native, says his passion for record shops was kindled when he was a child. He g raduated from the Communication University of China, majoring in English, in 2003, and opened his rec ord store in the same year. He also runs a shop on the e-commerce platform Taobao and sells more than 1,000 albums a month, he says. One week after the 2019 Record Store Day, an eventRead More →