rsity of the Philippines, said Asian values promote consensual approach and communitarianism rather than individualism, and they prioritize social order and harmony as well as respect for elders, disc ipline and a paternalistic state along with the primary role of government in economic development. “Asian values are the salient ingredients on how to learn to work togeth er through trust and consequently promote globalization,” Santarita told China Daily. He cited China’s guanxi, a cultural concept that stresses deep personal connections and maintaining relations. “Guanxi is a clear manifestation of a success story of a cultural element that is aptly applied in the business sector. TrustRead More →

“It’s such a difference visiting today to see so many different animate d productions being done in China. Chinese writers, directors and animators ha ve really jumped into rich storytelling and created really fascinating worlds that the global audience will enjoy seeing,” he says. Over the past eight years, D’Ambrosia has overseen production of such popular Disney Junior’s shows such as the Emmy Awar d-winning Sophia the First and The Lion Guard, which is based on Disney’s Oscar-winning 1994 film The Lion King. Speaking about the key to appealing to children aged between 2 and 7 , he reveals that the tales his team createsRead More →

tier city, we will expand to neighboring lower-tier cities. For example, we have developed ve ry well in Xiamen (Fujian province), and based on this we will expand to smaller cities nearby,” he said. About 70 percent of small-town youths live from paycheck to paycheck, and most of their money goe s on household items, luxuries, entertainment and travel, according to a report on this age group rec ently released by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China. “They also like quality products, good brands and are interested in being trendset ters,” said Sun Hongyan, a researcher at the China Youth andRead More →

chengxiang recently wrote a WeChat article saying he often encountered patients who fell for the fake adverti sements, wasted money and treatment time and thus missed the opportunity to be cured. The netizen also strongly opposed Li’s nomination shortly after the announce ment, saying in an article that Li was morally unqualified because of Baidu’s insufficient regulation of adver tising. The article went viral on social media but was removed over complains of libel by Baidu. Li would not be the first controversial engineer to become an acade mician, which carries perks such as stipends and medical se rvices. In 2011, the public was outragedRead More →

microcosm of the national aspirations of both of their countries to gain a place in the global space arena via the cooperation and assistance of China. Chea and Moreno Pena are part of a training program hosted by the China Academy of Space Technology. The idea is to train a small group of elite foreign students to become s pace industry engineers capable of developing and manufacturing satellites on their o wn, thus enabling their countries to build their respective space industries and explore space. Eight people are taking part in the program, which began in March 2018-two Ve nezuelans, two Pakistanis, one Cambodian, oneRead More →

ss by testifying in April that he did not know whether Mueller agreed with his initial characterization of the report – failing t o mention a March 27 letter from the special counsel complaining that Barr’s initial public summary did not “ful ly capture the context, nature and substance of this Office’s work.” Several Democrats have called on him to resign. Nadler had set a Wednesday deadline for Barr to hand over the unred acted report and its underlying evidence. Barr canceled his testimony after clashing wit h Nadler over the hearing’s format. Nadler said he will move forward with a contempt citation as soonRead More →

The upcoming May Day holiday is expected to see an averag e of 2.2 million inbound and outbound trips made by Chinese and foreign tourists per day, up 5.9 percent year on year, according to the National Immigration Administration (NIA) Friday. This year’s holiday, from May 1 to 4, is a day longer than previous years and suitable for outbound long-distance trips, said the NIA, adding that passenger volumes at major airports in places such as Beijing and Shanghai would increase notably. It anticipates that the average daily tourist flow at the Beijing Capital Interna tional Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport will reach 79,000Read More →

He mentioned China has come to the stage of harmonious development between man and nature. We feel China is now beginning to attach importance to the natural environment, so everyone can have a better living environment and the lives of the Chinese pe could not agree more with President Xi on the great importance of green development and preservation of nature. The state of the natural environment affects every living being, as well as the lives of future generations. For instance, if one doesn’t take care of one’s eyes, one’s eyesight might reduce. And if one disregards the quality of air one breathes, reduction mightRead More →

Beijing’s municipal government has built bridges between Chinese co mpanies and countries associated with the Belt and Roa d Initiative in recent years and plans to enlarge its communication in more fields in the future. Xiong Jiuling, head of Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Office, said the capital w ill make greater efforts in nongovernmental exchange programs this year by enh ancing cooperation in commerce, technology, culture, education and urban management with other nations. “We will employ better arrangements and methods to coordinat e different departments to realize our target without increasing government spending,” she said. www.shlf234.cnRead More →

CEO of Development Reimagined and former head of the Policy and Par tnerships, the United Nations Development Programme, and Andreas Pier otic, trade commissioner of Embassy of Chile in China. The four will also take questions after delivering their speeches. China Daily’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Zhou Shuchun will open the event with a welcome speech on April 27. Vision China events have been previously held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Joha nnesburg and London. The events have been broadcast live on internet and mul timedia platforms, reaching an international audience, particularly young people. This upcoming event will also be broadcast live on the China Daily website andRead More →