hina may still have a long way to go before it has the space capabilities depicted in the sci-fi blockbuster The Wandering Earth. Yet it has undoubtedly made remarkable progress over the past decades. And it is China’s consistent policy to undertake its space program only for scient ific and technological progress, and to exploit space resources for peaceful purposes, a posi tion that was again accentuated by Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s lunar exploration program. A member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese P eople’s Political Consultative Conference, Wu said prior to the opening of the country’s top political advisory body’sRead More →

  plant business owner Lee Won-jeong in 2017 bought the site from Kim, but kept him on as manager. Lee is based in Busan, in the south of the country, and claims he was unaware of the problems at the site.   Lee says that after the sale, Kim deposited more than 80 times the amount of g arbage permitted at the site, including household waste, construction materials, and discarded polymer.   The manager of the site had a permit to dump 2,000 tons of waste, the site holds more than 80 times that now.   As the trash mountain decomposed, gas built up under the surface. In DecemberRead More →

The 40-day-long Spring Festival travel rush, which came to an end on March 1, recorded thre e billion trips made during the period, according to the Ministry of Transport, CCTV reported. The rush saw 410 million railway trips, up 7.4 percent on a yearly ba sis, while road trips fell 0.8 percent to 2.46 billion. The number of waterway trips stayed same as last year at 41 million, while plane travel jumped 12 percent to 73 million this year, the data showed. Local transportation departments improved transfer efficiency for travelers by extending the operation time of s ubways, launching night bus lines, and arranging taxisRead More →

  Kim Jong Un were executing a “nice walk” away from the table — but what exactly happened in Vietnam isn’t at all cle ar, as both sides emerged with different stories in the hours after they packed up and headed home.   Trump was unpleasantly surprised by a demand from Kim that all sanctions be lifted on North Korea, according to a pe rson familiar with the negotiations, believing the young despot had come to Hanoi prepared to deal.   But North Korean Foreign Minister Ru Yong Ho offered a contradictory story. “What we proposed was not the rem oval of all sanctions, but their partial removal,”Read More →

ion by the Beijing Film Academy, Peking University needs to take the initiative to launch its own inqu iry. On its official website, the university clearly states the procedures for enrolling a postdoctoral res earcher, which include at least four review stages after an applicant submits materials. When enrolling Zhai as a postdoctoral researcher, they should check many more materials besides his doctor’s degree. If Zhai is found to have academic problems, Peking University is partly responsible, too. As it is widely considered to be the top university in China, Peking University has very precious r esearch opportunities, which makes it a focus for theRead More →

  As we before the captain of the team, if the wind is one of China’s veteran mem bers of the e-sports, after retirement, he also started the transition between the different roles.For him the m ost important, is probably the e-sports from galloping battle-hardened veteran players for the role of father.If the wind o nce said: “in 2018, I married.In 2018, I became a father.In 2018, and all of you to witness the fathomed LPL grand slam, 2 018, has made some breakthrough and I never want to change.”   For she is doomed to be 2019, the beginning of life change.On January 27, ‘he cRead More →

  CCTV network news:The national development and reform commission held a press conference today, the news spokesman Meng Wei said when it comes to t he employment situation of the country, at present the national employment situation “, “” change”.   In 2018, the new jobs in cities and towns of up to 13.61 million people, to an all- time high, 6 years in a row to achieve more than 13 million new jobs in cities an d towns, the town of investigation unemployment rate also remain at low lev els.At the same time, the complicated external environment and mixed in change, change in the economic runningRead More →

  When it comes to Daniel wu, believes that many netizens are not strange.As a comparable level of pop star in the enterta inment circle, the circle but’s highest levels of his appearance.Remember at the beginning, he in th e movie in police uniform, inadvertently looked up and cap, an instant fan poured countless female fans, because of the classic lens, he was also a lot of netizens as the most handsome male god to wear uniforms.   Although he is the heart of a lot of people man and god, but what is undeniable is that handsome man again, finally al so enemy but the passageRead More →