foreign company not only jeopardizes fairness and justice in world trade, it also poses a tangible threat to the security of 5G networks. As Huawei said in a statement, “If the US restricts Huawei, it will not make the US safer, nor will it make the US stronger. It will only force the US to use inferior and expensive alternative equipment.” Inferior equipment that might be exploited by criminals and terrorists. That the order is politically motivated rather than for security purposes can be seen from the fact that i t is merely the latest in a series of moves by Washington targeting Huawei-one ofRead More →

gime of intellectual property rights protection. Again, this is what foreign negotiat ors are seeking, but also is important for China’s own economy as it transitions to being a technology leader. Trade agreements can affect the types of goods being traded and they can redirect trade toward one c ountry, away from others. They cannot directly affect any country’s worldwide current account bal ance. A country that saves less than it invests will have to borrow foreign funds to import foreign goods to make up that difference. There are two ways to reduce the US trade deficit. A serious recession would reduce investme nt, butRead More →

US soy farmers have urged Washington to work for a positive solution to the current tarif f dispute with the world’s top oilseed buyer China, and avoid further escalation of trade tensions. In a statement released late Tuesday, the American Soybean Association (ASA) described the t hreat by US President Donald Trump’s administration to increase the tariff rate from 10 percent to 25 p ercent on $200 billion worth of Chinese goods as the “worst case” for US soybean growers. “This is a predicament for soy growers,” said Davie Stephens, ASA president and a soybean farmer from Kentucky. “With depressed (soybean) prices and unsold stocksRead More →

 features the voices of action superstar Jackie Chan and Constance W u, who is best known for the 2018 US romcom Crazy Rich Asians. South Korean producer Hongjoo Ahn, the creator of The Nub Job franchise and a speaker at the festiva l’s master class, reveals that he is currently working on two animated films with strong connections to China. One is Mean Margaret, a China-US production based on the novel of the same name by American writer Tor Seidler. The other is Songhua, an original sto ry inspired by the annual ice festival in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province. “We have been workingRead More →

raduate department, said China has trained hundreds of foreign space engineers since the mid-1990s. However, those training sessions were mostly occasional, often accompanied a satellite export deal, and were mainly focu sed on ground-based control and applications of satellites rather than their design and production, the director said. “However, in recent years, along with the expansion in our cooperation in the space indu stry with other countries, many of our foreign partners voiced their hopes that we could hold some sort of syst ematic training programs to help them create their own spacecraft designers and technicians,” he said. Therefore, he said, “We decided to openRead More →

sses the Jialing River with a cable-stayed main span that is 312 meters, connecting the Jiangbei and the Yuzhon g Districts. It’s the world’s longest single plane cable-stayed bridge by the length of main span with one tower. Both are double deck structures carrying four lanes of traffic on their upper decks and two rail lines on their lower decks. Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize awards civil engineering projects that have made great achievements on technological innovation and technological application. The Twin River Bridges are sceneries by themselves while look ing separately and complement each other nicely when looking together, according to its review onRead More →

 both junior and adult fishes with relatively larger sizes to enrich the species’ population of different age groups. Scientists will also study the data collected on the Chi nese surgeon’s migration and reproduction activities in means of sonar and other advanced methods. Chinese experts have started reintroduction events to increase the population of sturgeons, a rare fish that dates back to the dinosaurs, since 1984. Six employees of Jiangsu Tianjiayi Chemical Co. and its controlli ng shareholder Nijiaxiang Group have been put under criminal coercive measures for their roles in a chemical plant blast in East China’s Jiangsu province, local authorities said Saturday. So farRead More →

y after the official account of the Communist Youth League Central Committee que stioned the company’s right to sell images of the national flag and national emblem on its website. Some companies and organizations have found the image company also sells products with their logos. On Thursday evening, the company published an apology, saying some of the images we re provided by contracted contributors and the company did not fulfill its responsibility to carefully check them. The Tianjin cyberspace affairs authority has made an appointment to meet the company’s manager Thursday evening and requested the company stop illegal behavior and carry out thorough rectification. TheRead More →

ology, according to the notice jointly issued by six ministries including the National Health Comm ission, the Ministry of Education and the State Administration for Market Regulation. The notice also said that authorities would crack down on activities that deceive the p ublic and damage their interests in the name of using Chinese medical technology to treat myopia. Hu Ailian, vice-director of the Beijing Institute of Ophthalmology at Beijing Tongren Hospital, said tha t myopia can’t be cured at the current stage but children and teenagers could prevent, control or slow its progressio n by using their eyes properly, increasing outdoor time, and avoiding lookingRead More →

Huawei’s rotating Chairman Guo Ping addressed UK’s securit y concerns after the Chinese telecommunications company was criticized in a report on Thursday. Huawei’s performance in the past 30 years has proven it has the best security record in the industry, Guo said at a press conference in Beijing on Friday. The results from authorized professional test and evaluation companies in the US, UK and Finland show 9 out of 12 profes sional capabilities of Huawei’s products have reached the top level and the other three are above average. Huawei accepted the strictest and toughest tests from UK’s monitoring institution and was th e first toRead More →