perspective to paint a picture of the waters, mountain ranges, folk customs and rituals in China, using a large-scale orchestra,” says Zhou Long. “It’s like a musical map of China.”上海品茶微信 Elements of folk music used in the concerto include traditional M 上海品茶微信女神会所ongolian khoomei, a unique type of throat-singing, the contrabassoon, the piccolo and the T ibetan “Bon’e ri” music form, used in rituals, that is mimicked by the trombone and English horn. According to Zhou Long, various techniques have been used in his composition to mimic the tone of traditi上海品茶微信 onal Chinese instruments. “It is an important way for me to showcase the cultural spiritRead More →

ger decline tha上海品茶微信女神会所n foreign films. Chinese films accounted for 54.8 percent of the total box office-while the number in 2018 was 63 percent-and domestic movies raked in 14.8 billion yuan, a fall of 17.5 percent compared to last year. At the Shanghai festival, which runs through Monday, seven top Chinese studio chiefs gathered for the first forum there to discuss the challenges ahead. Yu Dong, chairman and CEO of the Bona Film Group, says last year was “a severe winter” for the industry. Nearly half of the publicly-listed film companies saw their market valuations shrink. Following A-list actress Fan Bingbing’s tax scandal, China ordered filmRead More →

The Chinese government has accorded priority to achieving stable and expanding employment among its six stabilization tasks. The importance of stable employment has also been highligh ted in this year’s Government Work Report. And the State Council, China’s Cabinet, recently established the Emp loyment Work Leading Group headed by Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua to deal with employment issues. The government is making special efforts to stabilize and expand employment, especially be cause of the intensifying Sino-US trade dispute and the increasing uncertainties in international trade. The China Institute for Employment Research of Renmin University of China has calculated the employment market index, which shows the healthRead More →

pening-up in China’s services sector, together with high-tech development supported by artificial intelligence, will help lift Chinese economic growth from 6.3 percent to around 7 percent by 2035, said Zhu Min, a former deputy managing director at the IMF. “Market-oriented reform and opening-up will improve productivity in the service sector, whi ch is an important thing that China is focusing on to stabilize economic growth,” Zhu said. Chen Yulu, a vice-governor of the PBOC, also supported a “full-scale” opening of the financial sector. In the future, foreign invest ors are welcome to conduct all forms of financial business in China, excepting those being named onRead More →

States, China has achieved extraordinary economic transformation over the past four decades. An d as China’s economy has transformed, so has the size and make-up of its equity market. FTSE Russell CEO Mark Makepeace said the company will continue to work with global customers and provi de benchmark indexes and analysis solutions to promote investment in Chinese stocks and fixed-income products. A British climber too weak to descend from Mount Qomolangma – know n as Everest in the West – died on Saturday, officials said, the eighth climber to die on the world’s tallest mountain and the 18th in Nepal’s Himalayas during the current climbingRead More →

ople. However, neither the US nor China can expect to keep, much less get back, low-wage, low-skilled manufacturing jobs. Many people have the impression that Chinese goods are dominant in US markets. That is true only in a few highly com petitive, low-profit sectors. According to US Commerce Department data, China has more than 50 percent of the US market in such items as umbrellas, toys, prepared feathers, footwear, straw products, and bedding. Chinese exporters have from 20 to 50 percent of the US market in ot her low-value-added markets, plus electrical machinery and equipment, mechanical app liances, and iron and steel. In most otherRead More →

 improve the governance of ethics in scientific research in light of the loopholes exposed in He’s case,” Zhai told China Daily. Results of further investigations in the case should be made public, including the penalties given to all involved, she said. One reason for publishing the article on Nature was to show the resolve of the gover nment and ethics scholars in China to improve ethical compliance in the sciences, Zhai said. In the commentary, the four scholars said the government should release clearer rules and regulations on the use of techn ologies and hand down sharper punishments to offenders, including disqualifying them from scientificRead More →

The pilot of a Russian passenger plane that erupted in a ball of fire on the runway of Moscow’s busiest airp ort, killing 41 of the 78 people aboard, said lightning led to the emergency landing, Agence France-Presse reported. Investigators on Monday were working to understand the causes of the blaze after the Suk hoi Superjet-100 returned to Sheremetyevo airport shortly after takeoff on Sunday evening. Pilot Denis Yevdokimov told Russian media the aircraft lost communication and needed to switch to emergency control mode “because of lightning” on the Aeroflot flight to the Arctic city of Murmansk. He did not specify if the plane wasRead More →

xperience what is it like in real satellite development projects,” Cui said. “We will ask the students to set up a project team to simulate research and development of an imaginary satellite, and e ach of them will be designated a role ranging from chief designer to subsystem manager,” Cui added. “We also offer opportunities to the students to visit satellite research-related institu tes and satellite users to see satellites’ assembly, testing and experiments,” Cui said. “They will be able to get personal understanding of spacecraft research and development and obtain some know-how.” He said space training providers in other countries will not take foreignRead More →

e synagogue shooting. The wounded were taken to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido. Gore said a Rabbi is in surgery after suffering defensive wounds to his index fin gers, adding that the injured are “doing well” and a wounded minor has been tr ansferred to Rady Children’s, the largest children’s hospital in California. In a Poway incident community message, the San Diego County She riff’s Department assured that there are no known threats to religious gatherings. “The suspect in the Poway incident today has been capt ured and we believe he acted alone,” said the message. “We encourage our communities to continue with scheduled eventsRead More →