tion on the basis of reciprocity and mutual benefit, and handle differences on the basis of mutual r espect,” Wu said. “We should strive to make our military relations a stabilizer of the two countries’ ties.” He also warned against US’ moves regarding Taiwan. “Such moves were like playing with fire and hugely compromise Chin a-US military relations as well as the peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits,” Wu s aid.he State Council recently released a circular calling for further efforts to step up innovation and opening-up in national economic and technological developm www.sh419ag.comRead More →

ed by 8.4 percentage points, as the global financial crisis caused demands to fall drastically. It i s possible that the Sino-US trade dispute could have a similar impact on the job market. So the government should implement an expansionary macroeconomic policy to create a loose em ployment environment and better implement social security measures to cope with frictional u nemployment and the structural employment problem of college graduates. To offset the possible negative impact of the Sino-US trade dispute on college graduates’ employment, the government sho uld also expand post-graduate enrollment, increase internships for unemployed college graduates and imp lement favorable policies to easeRead More →

nt are broadly in line with expectations. Although pro-European Union parties have won a majori ty of the seats, the EP is more fragmented than before with traditional center-right and center-left par ties losing seats to Liberals and Greens, and Euroskeptic parties increasing their vote share. This is likely to make it more difficult for the EU to agree new trade deals and choose new leaders for EU institutions. The heads of government of EU states met on Tuesday to discuss who will fill the top jobs. The new EP and the EU leadership face a difficult international environment, especially on th e trade front.Read More →

ut is confrontation,” said Solana, who is currently president of the ESADE Center for Global Economy and Geopolitics of Spain. The senior politician and diplomat expressed concerns over the trade frictions between China and the United States, w hich have conducted 11 rounds of trade negotiations, but have yet to reach an agreement. The world’s two largest economies should engage in dialogue on an equal footing, Solana said. “If they fail to resolve their trade problems, the global economy will start to suffer from this crisis,” he said. In a global situation where protectionism and unilatera lism are on the rise, a multilateral approach hasRead More →

ating to broadband connections at reasonable rates. General Secretary Xi Jinping issued instructi ons on several occasions, stressing the need for enhanced information infrastructure building to provide people with acc essible, affordable and user-friendly information services. Premier Li Keqiang emphasized that solid efforts must be made for faster and more affordable internet services and sharpen the country’s international competitiveness in this regard. Figures from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology show that 1,000M broadband has been piloted in 100-plus Chin ese cities. The country now has more than 3.76 million 4G base stations and 1.17 billion-strong 4G network users. It was agreed at theRead More →

entered an anti-counterfeiting alliance initiated by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba that sees more than 130 brands from hom e and abroad share information and technical support as well as pool their resources to combat piracy. According to Matthew Bassiur, vice-president and head of globa l IP enforcement at Alibaba Group, the company uses algorithms to identify and r emove infringing items before they can even get on the e-commerce platform. Alibaba also issues alerts for products wi th a significant number of customer complaints and investigates its manufacturing, distribution and supply chain. Pfeiffer noted that tackling piracy can be time intensive and costly but theRead More →

can be very educational and well within the reach of ordinary families, she adds. One of Ctrip’s most popular museum tours in Shanghai costs just 168 yuan for a child, and is led by a scholar from Shanghai-based Fudan University’s School of Life Science. The tour is open to children older than the age of 5 during weekends and exposes them to fossils and specimens. Ctrip has developed 12 themed study tours, such as scientific ex ploration, outdoor survival and sports, to meet the growing needs of the market. Each product has been divided to suit different age groups and learning goals, so c ustomersRead More →

communicate with the foreigners to help them improve their ability to speak Chinese, he said. For Chea, the student from Cambodia, studying at the institute has been difficult since the beginning. “I majored in telecommunications in my university, so I knew nothing about spacecraft. For me, all the courses here ar e very difficult. At first I didn’t understand anything of what our teachers were talking about in class,” he said. He said he feels lucky because the Chinese teachers are nice and conside rate. They have been trying their best to make the lectures easier for him to comprehend, he said. “Now I canRead More →

cated to catching Asian carp in western Kentucky. The long-term prospects offered by ex cessive numbers of the species are what Berry and Irwin are relying on to ensure work until they retire. Berry said: “We want a bigger boat. From what we see out there, we confidently think we can catch anywhere from 13,000 to 23,000 kg a day with a purse seine type of net. The schools of fish are massive.” Once a school is located, a skiff encircles it with a purse seine net. The lead line is then pulled in to close the net, preventing fish from escaping. “The way weRead More →

ool of Medicine. He was the first scientist to reveal the function of the PD-L1/PD-1 immune escape pathway in a tumor’s microenvironment. The programmed death ligand-1/programmed death-1 (PD-L1/PD-1) signaling pathway is a key component of tumor immu nosuppression, which can inhibit activation of T lymphocytes and enhance immune tolerance of tumor cel ls, leading to tumor immune escape, according to a study published in January on biomedcentral.com. Chen, along with four other scientists, was awarded the Warren Alpert Foundation Prize for 2017 for the break through in tumor immunology, which made him the third Chinese recipient of the prize. Chen said the research environment in ChinaRead More →