When it comes to Daniel wu, believes that many netizens are not strange.As a comparable level of pop star in the enterta inment circle, the circle but’s highest levels of his appearance.Remember at the beginning, he in th e movie in police uniform, inadvertently looked up and cap, an instant fan poured countless female fans, because of the classic lens, he was also a lot of netizens as the most handsome male god to wear uniforms.   Although he is the heart of a lot of people man and god, but what is undeniable is that handsome man again, finally al so enemy but the passageRead More →

  Chinese family wealth report!8 into the house!Only 1% of the stock market   Author: jun-jie qi of finance and economics Recently, guangdong development bank jointly southwestern university of finance and issued a “2018 China’s urban household wealth health report”, which reveals the status of the Chinese family assets.   First of all, the Chinese family 1.62 million worth of total assets is probably close to $1.62 million, 1.62 million worth investab le assets, is your stocks, funds, bonds and cash added up to 557000 yuan.The number is growing every year, total ass ets of only 970000, 2011, only 289000 investment in financial assets.This is mainly caused byRead More →

  Just, the national women’s volleyball league over a key for this game in promising the bruins between two teams, jiangsu wo men’s volleyball team to rely on a better play to a 3-0 victory over liaoning, sent directly – out.And jiangsu women ‘s volleyball team will also get on to the last four of the last bus, for both teams, it is a who don’t want to lose the game.   Home of jiangsu women’s volleyball team very aggressive, right from the start impo sing manner and the liaoning women’s volleyball team has sent the first team, led b y Ding Xiayan ni, but from theRead More →

  January 19 news, recently several social platform in the United States is in troubled times , Facebook is dogged by negative news over the past year, it is also because of its users over their privacy issues are reg ulators hearing, originally this should be a social company other Snap to catch up the perfect time, but recently the Sn ap company internal and external suffered all kinds of negative news, also let the founder, a he adache, and also sorry to miss the chance of playing catch-up.   First, recently because of dissatisfaction with their pay and leave the Snap CFO st one company, heRead More →

  Civil servants at the grass-roots level of life pressure big?Different people, may be very different.Also in a unit of work, and also took a s alary, one person may have several suites, commuting on hundreds of thousands of car, children still perhaps can go abroad to study.   And some people, even a suite, still have to carry a lifetime to repay the mortgage, car but also don’t want to, children can only in the ordinary school districts.If unfort unately have a patient in the home, the compounded of the hardships of life, after all, limited income to meet the expenses necessary for life.   Ordinary clerk,Read More →

  Beijing time on 18 January, CBA season 33 rounds remaining games at the end of the entire home-country crowd tonight, runner-up bayi narrowly in shenzhen, 103-115;Tianjin team 128-102 Shanghai, Shanghai eight consecutive defeat;Guangzhou, guangdong 131-131.Beijing guangsha of 120-120.   Runner-up bayi narrowly lost to shenzhen, fujian 4 in a row, three consecutive victories in shenzhen   Two teams meet at the runner-up bayi narrowly have suffered three defeats, but made it two wins shenzhen team, in the first q uarter, the two teams play can say very close, the two sides has not been opened the score, the end of the first quarter runner-up bayi narrowly 22Read More →

  Before the original title: tesla disc shares fell by more than 4%, the company will cut 7% full-time employees   On Friday, according to foreign media reports, tesla announced that will cut up to 7% of the full-time employees .Reported, the company will need to increase the output of the MODEL 3 jobs at the same time, in the next few months will have a lot of improvement of manufacturing facilities.   In addition, the company did not audit in the fourth quarter of 2018, according to GAAP) criterion of profit is positive, but less than in the third quarter.   The tesla dish before diving quickly, asRead More →

  Pig now also is one of the “celebrity”, page is not only the children like animation characters, and even became a symbol of “ social person”.And on January 17th, a hair trigger netizen widespread attention, the film called “what is the pag e”.The content of the film is very moving, rural grandfather to grandson mouth know nothing can be used to describe the page, and then expand the rural grandpa to find what is page path, short at the end of the grandfather to grandson has created a unique “hardcore” page.   Short film is very moving, grandpa’s love for grandson is very touching, for “whatRead More →

  Late January 16, some netizens said that Qingdao sh andong road, vientiane city chanel shop smashed by a woman.North green newspaper reporter in fact in the video I saw a woman dressed in a pink jacket of cosmetics chanel shoppe directly picked up fell on the ground, and pulling counters.   Witness mr.chen told north green news reporter, this woman looked young, emotional, on-site customer and staff repeatedly blocked its excesses, but to little effect.   This morning, Qingdao south notice said the public security bureau, January 16, 21 PM, south the police after the alarm, a woman in vientiane city shandong province road on the firstRead More →

  Recently, some netizens said that michelle in a second-hand idle trading platform, a lot of items, the total number of sales, has more than “999”, and is mostly high-end luxury goods.   Believe we all know, a few days ago, the Chinese net release orders, according to the written judgment tende, film and television to the co urt in December 2018, request to Joe and its associated company a total of 63.824 million dollars worth of property preservation measures.   At present, the court has made property seizure, detainment or freeze the part’s ruling.Frozen property including Joe and michelle’s joint property, because netizens think michelle’s move, isRead More →